Richard Chain Skirt


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Type: Armor

Tags: Mytholon,

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This chain skirt is a great add-on to any existing plate armour.
Wear it to close the gap between plate cuirass and full leg guard on your thighs, in the crotch and on butt. This is the spot, where most armour has no protection and any costume lacks ideas for coverage.
The mail falls from hip to app. the middle of the thigh and does not interfeare with walking, fighting or running.

The chain skirt is 120cm long and has a belt of some 245cm. This way it will fit with even the biggest guys and covers the designated spot well.

Material: 8mm rings (inner diameter), 4-in-1 pattern
Colour: oil finish with brown leather / browned with black leather
Length chainmail: 120cm x 40cm
Belt length: 245cm

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