Sakreiegt The Eldritch Cultist Dagger


$ 75.00 

Type: Dagger

Tags: Dagger, Horror,

Available for pre-order

The first creation within our new Cult of the Awakened collection, the Sakreiegt dagger has sparked the imagination of many in our workshop. Its name is inspired from the Middle English words sakred (sacrifice), eie (eye) and rigt (true). The handle, while shaped to comfortably fit within the hand, bears the appearance of a creature with a ridged belly, uncanny eyes and a maw that splits wide and from which extends a blade decorated with spiraling tendrils. This product features our very first use of ColorShift paint, giving an eerie gleam to weapon that almost seems to breathe. Inspired by the mythoi of cosmic horror and legendary monsters of old, this dagger embodies the otherworldly.


This weapon is an excellent choice for those who seek, for better or for worse, to extend the limits of their perception and to part the veil of reality. Priests, cultists and seekers of eldritch knowledge will find many occasions to put it to excellent use.


  • Weight (g): 350
  • Total Length (cm): 45
  • Blade Length (cm): 29
  • Blade Thickness (cm): 1.9
  • Blade Colors: Black, ColorShift Green
  • Blade Type: Other
  • Handle Length (cm): 16
  • Handle Thickness (cm): 3.5
  • Grip Length (cm): 10
  • Handle Colors: Black, ColorShift Green, White, Red, Yellow
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam