Swash - The Buckler The First Calimacil Shield


$ 120.00 

Type: Shield

Tags: Calimacil, Non Latex, Shield,

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Always be ready to defend yourself with this buckler. No aspect is left to the imagination on the outer piece made of Calimacil foam and painted with stunning realism; from a distance, no one will even know it's made of foam. A solid inner structure provides protection from blows and allows for a strong grip on the handle. Safe to use in LARP combat and sparring without forfeiting resistance and solidity.


  • Impact Resistant
  • Removable Foam Skin
  • Replaceable Handle and Core


  • Weight (g): 732
  • Diameter (cm): 34
  • Handle Width (cm): 14
  • ABS Core Thickness (mm): 3.175 
  • Material : Calimacil Foam, ABS Core, Polypropylene Handle, Steel Hardware

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