Thorsten Spangenhelmet


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Type: Armour

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This classical "Spangenhelmet" is inspired by the early medieval Norman model, which has its roots in nothern France and Skandinavia. It was invented by nomad tribes in the late ancient times and evolved to this form. It is highly suitable for nothern characters, such as Vikings and Raiders.
The helmets name is traced back to the german word "Spange", which means bangle. You can see, that the helmets form is is stabilized by bangles, and therefore evolved to a bangle-helmet...
We offer the Spangenhelm in two sizes and in Polished or Dark \\"colour\\".

The Spangenhelm was the topseller of the early medieval times: it was relatively easy to produce and was made from little material - compared to other helmets.
A headband is the typical symbol of a Spangenhelm. Four, or more, metalpieces are attached to it and riveted together in centerbands. Often the helmet was reinforced or decorated with additional pieces, such as noseguards or chain maille in the neck.
A simple but genius way to have a headgear made...

Material: Steel
Sizes: S (56-58) and big (59-62)
Colours: Polished and Dark

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