Viking Horn Spoons – Set of 4

Lord of Battles

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Notable Features:

  • Authentic Design: Each spoon is expertly crafted to reflect the rugged aesthetic of the Viking era, making it the perfect accompaniment to any medieval or fantasy-themed event.
  • Unique: Since they are made from genuine horn, no two spoons are the same. Each boasts its unique variation in color and texture.
  • Functional Artistry: These spoons are more than just conversation starters. They are also practical utensils, carefully shaped and finished for regular use.
  • Handcrafted: Every spoon is the result of skilled craftsmanship. The attention to detail in their creation enhances their appeal and value.
  • Historical Experience: Owning and using these spoons offer you a tangible link to the past, allowing you to experience the thrill of stepping back in time with every meal.


  • Made from ox horn

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid dishwashers and hot liquids. Before use, make sure to wash under running water. For a longer life, treat with beeswax after each use.


  • Length: 6 Inches

Measurements are approximate.