Warlord LARP Sword – 100 cm

Epic Armoury

$ 98.99 

Type: Sword

Tags: Viking,

Hybrid LARP Construction:

Epic Armory's Hybrid LARP construction combines a soft EVA foam blade with a highly detailed handle made of polyurethane. First, the closed cell foam surrounds a sturdy yet flexible fiberglass core that is safe for LARP battle. Kevlar helps reinforce the tip, making this a stab-proof LARP fantasy weapon. Then, a latex coating over the blade helps protect this soft foam.

The polyurethane construction allows for a high level of detail in the handle. This also means the handle is relatively maintenance-free and very durable. Thus you can easily enhance the immersion of your LARP experience and let that detail inspire your LARP characters kit.

The Warlord LARP Sword is approximately 39.4 inches in overall length. This measurement will vary as each LARP sword is handmade.

Key Features:

  • A quality weapon for an affordable price
  • Closed-cell foam is durable and shred resistant
  • A Kevlar tip protects the flexible core
  • A durable and detailed handle adds to the immersion
  • Perfect for Vikings and other Norse-inspired characters


  • The blade is made from closed-cell foam
  • The handle is made of polyurethane foam
  • Core is made of fiberglass
  • Finished with a latex coating

Care Instructions:

  • Latex weapons need to be maintained to a certain degree.

    Fit for a jarl, the Warlord LARP Sword merges intricate, antique gold detail with heavy Viking inspiration, creating a LARP weapon that suits Nordic lords and Valkyries alike.