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Type: Sword

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Life was easier before it all began, or so they say. I was born after all happened. Bloodthirsty mutants, bands of thugs, what was left of the old authority trying its best to keep things organized in the slums scattered around the land, every part of it was my life. Of course, life was hard : after nightfall, everything could happen. People's sleep was short and tense.

Just last night, a group of rebels entered our makeshift village, taking everyone by surprise. Our rudimentary lances and weapons were no match for their peculiar swords, part curved blade and part knuckleduster. By sheer luck, we were able to drive them out, but our losses were great. However, during the fight, we had the chance to steal some of their swords. From now on, we would be able to defend ourselves, to start anew.


This post-apocalyptic sword is a collaboration between the Fantastic'Art workshop, who provided the handle's design, and Calimacil, responsible for the blade. The handle is a mix of steel, bronze and copper parts for a worn, lethal look. The battle-safe and near-indestructible blade is silver-coloured. This sword uses a special curved inner fiberglass core developed by Calimacil and provides a unique feel to its wielder.

Special thanks to Cj Jenerou, who suggested this name on our Facebook Page.


Brutes, mercenaries and thugs will all appreciate the simple efficiency of this sword, on which everything can harm your foe. However, this weapon is not only for people fighting mutants. It would be a great ally to any rogue working its way to the top of the local guild or to an Orc warlord.

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