Fabric Bag


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Type: Bag

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Coins, gemstones, potions, dice, herbs, magic rings... There are so many things one should have at hand on medieval and LARP events. S fabric bags in different colours can organize your shoulder bag or can be fastened to your belt with ease.

Made from light cotton fabric and closed with the two tie-strings, this S bag can be a good companion on your fantastic journeys. We offer a wide variety of bags and pouches, like the "Zacharias" suede bag or the coin pouch "Pip". By using those S helpers for your equipment, you can sort through the S neccessaties and provide structure and details to any costume.

Material: cotton
Length: 12 cm
Width: 10 cm
Weight: app. 10 g
Colours: Red, brown, green, cream & black

Our LARP products are for recreational use only and are not weapons. They are designed for Live Action Role Playing (LARP) and similar activities. Any use of our products for violent or illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. By using our products, you agree to use them responsibly and release us from any liability for misuse.