Kandor Gloves- Suede


$ 34.99 

Type: Clothing

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The gloves Kandor are made of high quality suede. They are robust and solidly manufactured, therefore you can also use them for fighting or wear them underneath a pair of gauntlets.

Nevertheless the suede is soft and comfortable on the skin. The wrist width can be adjusted by a loop with press buttons. The long cuff has got three decorative buckle straps at the side, that can be used to adjust the width. A very becoming accessory that enhances the look of many costume ideas.

Sizes: S, M, L Material: suede
They are sold in pairs

Glove sizes:
Please see the following instruction to calculate the fitting size.
Measure the palm from the outer base of the pointer across the palm to the outer base of the pinky.
up to 9cm: We recommend Size S
10-11cm: We recommend Size M
12-13cm: We recommend Size L
above 13cm: Unfortunately we don´t have this size in our range of goods.

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