Lucy The Morning Star


$ 140.00 

Type: Axes and hammers

Tags: Calimacil, Mace, Non Latex,

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I am a poet at heart, but the heavens have another plan for me. Bearing arms in the name of our beloved queen and country against the warriors that came across the northern sea, I will stand firm to protect my home and kin. As we hold the line, watching them beat spears against shields across the sandy field, I think of the rumors from the west of these invaders said to be ruthless. Despite the fear of death that lays like lead in the pit of my stomach, I know that my duty has been divinely ordained. With a glance to either side of me, I remind myself that like many before them, this enemy will falter before our iron will and under the weight of the morning stars we raise to crush wood and bone alike.


Long-awaited, our morning star strives to imitate the appearance of its historical counterparts. Painted with the same high degree of realism that we have become known for, the handle of wooden appearance ends in a grip with a leather texture and steel pommel. The head is hollow to ensure safe LARP combat and the Calimacil foam this weapon is made of ensures that it will last for years of adventures.


This weapon is an excellent choice for professional soldiers, knights, and kings alike. With beautiful details that are the marks of a well-made weapon, it will wreak havoc on those who dare stand in your righteous path. But no need to be trained in the art of war to use this weapon, you only need to strike hard.


  • Weight (g): 430
  • Total Length (cm): 70
  • Staff Length (cm): 58
  • Head width (cm): 10
  • Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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