Medieval Adventurer's Bow


$ 99.00 

Type: Bow

Tags: Bow, Calimacil, Non Latex,


Made entirely of fiberglass with wood tips, this traditional bow is a classic that is durable, versatile and easy to use. One string is included.

With a simple traditional recurve design this bow features the shape of a horse bow with slightly more height making it a little less maneuverable on horseback but with the same accuracy and look. This bow is sure to fit into any medieval fantasy game.


  • Weight (g): 495
  • Length (cm/in): 145 / 57
  • Draw Weight (lbs@in): 20@30
  • Laterality: Ambidextrous
  • String included (cm/in): 132 / 52
  • Color: Blue, Red, Brown, Bronze
  • Material: Fiberglass


  • Always check the integrity of the string before use. Do not use if damaged. Strings can be purchased separately.
  • Don't forget to check with your LARP organization for the draw weight requirements of your event.