Novice II


$ 120.00 

Type: Sword

Tags: Calimacil, Non Latex, Sword, Sword - Long, Sword - Medium, Sword - Short,

The Novice II is the natural evolution of the first generation of this Squire sword. Always made of safe Calimacil foam, this sword will give you years of good use thanks to its unrivaled durability. The guard of the sword is now steel-colored and the handle is black. The blade stays silver-colored to make a unique and incredibly realistic sword.

The Squire Collection: Safe, Durable, and Realistic

The products of the Squire Collection make no compromise on the essential characteristics of a Calimacil Foam Weapon. Do you want to start LARPing? Do you have a friend that needs a quality foam weapon? The Squire Collection offers an affordable option for any situation. Their simple design makes them perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

Short Long Bastard
Weight (g) 315 367 443
Total Length (cm) 77 91 103
Blade Length (cm) 55 69 81
Blade Thickness (cm) 2.5
Blade color Silver
Blade Type Diamond V7 Narrow
Handle length (cm) 22
Grip length (cm) 13
Cross guard width (cm) 17
Material Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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