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Type: Axes and hammers

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Introducing the OdinAxe A remarkable collaboration between Calimacil and Seyrawyn, inspired by the renowned Krieger axe. This Viking LARP weapon showcases a captivating Viking entrelac pattern on the head, adorned with ferocious wolf heads. Its brushed steel color exudes strength and resilience.

The comfortable grip features the same entrelac design, while the pommel replicates brushed steel with engraved runes and a prominent Valknut symbol. The staff's brushed cherry wood-like finish adds warmth and elegance.

Unleash the warrior within with the Odin's Legacy Axe, a collaborative masterpiece that combines design, craftsmanship, and the spirit of the Viking age.

Everyone knows the story of the enchanted axe "Ymir," the one that allowed Odin to defeat the ice giant of the same name. This ferocious weapon was later stolen by Loki. But few people know that the OdinAxe was created as a tribute to the god of gods to highlight this legendary fight against the giant.

This eponymously named Norse weapon embodies the pride and combat prowess of a fearsome warrior. In addition to the Celtic wolves on its blade, its handle features the symbols of Odin, namely his 2 crows Huginn and Muninn. On the pommel, we find a Valknut, the heart of Hrungnir, the knot of the dead and the knot of Odin. Linked to it, this symbol of three and nine evokes valor and death (in the sense of the liberation of the soul) and the roots of Yggdrasil (in the sense of the interconnection of the nine worlds of the Norse religion).

Thus, it is not surprising to find such a weapon among the arsenal of several factions of Scandinavian warriors. Its symbolism is energizing and even phenomenal, it is simply a fantastic creation.


The OdinAxe is a Viking LARP weapon that resonates with characters seeking to embody the essence of Norse mythology on the battlefield. Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, this awe-inspiring axe appeals to a range of LARP characters, from fierce Viking warriors and mighty berserkers to valiant shieldmaidens and cunning raiders. Whether you're a seasoned LARPer, a historical reenactor, or an enthusiast of Viking culture, the OdinAxe is the perfect companion for those who seek to channel the strength, honor, and power of the Viking era. With its striking design, captivating symbolism, and superior craftsmanship, this iconic weapon is an essential choice for anyone venturing into the realms of Viking-inspired LARP adventures. Unleash the warrior within and wield the OdinAxe to conquer the battlefield with legendary might and forge your own heroic saga.

  • Weight (g): 250
  • Total Length (cm): 51
  • Head Length (cm):17
  • Head width (cm):17
  • Grip Circ. (cm): 10
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam