ʻʻPoisonedʼʼ Friar Tuck Foam Throwing Bottle


$ 31.00 

Type: Throwing

Tags: Bottle, Calimacil, Misc, Non Latex, Throwing,

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This is our famous Friar Tuck bottle imagined in a poisoned version. Cheers! The process is done completely by hands by one of our artists; making every bottle a unique piece.


This is the first foam bottle made by Calimacil. It can’t be opened nor does its cork can be taken off. There is no core inside which means that it can be thrown safely. This brown bottle doesn’t have a label, it’s up to you to create what’s in it.


Innkeeper, here’s another bottle to add to your collection. Mercenary and outlaws, here’s your new favorite thing in the world (after your sword). There is nothing better than a good bottle of unknown beverage to keep you up while standing watch.

Weight (g): 140
Total Length (cm): 30
Blade color: Black
Handle length (cm): No
Material: Calimacil Foam


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