Yorveth Larp Short Sword


$ 51.99 

Type: Sword

Tags: Entry Level Gear, Mytholon, Sword,

  • The single-edged long sword "Yorveth" seems almost organic. The slightly inclined knob and the curved parry, with their fantastic lines and unusual shapes, remind of the body of an insect or the scales of a dragon. "Yorveth" is the ideal upholstered weapon for characters from a nature-related culture such as elves or barbarians. Oriental characters can be ebeso well equipped with this sword as perhaps an orc. As always, there are no limits to the imagination. This upholstered weapon is manufactured on special PU foam and is largely insensitive to the effects of the weather.

    Material: PU foam
    Length: 96 cm
    Blade Length: 67 cm
    Blade Width: 5 cm
    Weight: 380 g

Measurements can vary as there are both machined and handmade components to these products..

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