Crystal Gem Toppet


$ 34.00 

Type: Polearm

Tags: Staff,

Crystal Gem Type 1 - Ruby Ember, for Elemental Mage Staff


In the ancient chronicles of Zephyria, a tale emerged, whispered among adventurers and wielders of magic, of a mythical trio known as the Three Elemental Gems. Legend spoke of their remarkable power to imbue The Elemental Staff with extraordinary abilities. Crafted from the rarest crystals found deep within the mystical realms, each gem can embody the essence of a specific element—flames danced within the Ruby Ember, waves surged within the Sapphire Tide, earth's strength resonated in the Emerald Grove, and the winds whispered through the Opal Zephyr. These modular gems, seamlessly fitting into The Elemental Staff, bestowed upon its bearer an unrivaled mastery over fire, water, or earth. Only those who possessed the wisdom and skill to unlock their potential could wield the combined might of the staff and the gems, shaping the very fabric of reality itself in the grandest Larp battles ever witnessed, forever etching their names in the annals of Larpia's history.


Introducing the Ruby Ember, the first of the Three Elemental Gems tailored specifically for the Elemental Larp Staff. This exquisite, gem-shaped module seamlessly attaches to the staff using the Set Screw mechanism, instantly infusing your character with the awe-inspiring power of fire. With a simple twist using the supplied Hallen Key, you can change the Ruby Ember's color, intensifying your fiery abilities to match the demands of any Larp adventure. The Ruby Ember transforms the Elemental Staff into a symbol of your mastery over the elements, ensuring that you leave an indelible mark on the battlefield while captivating all who witness your extraordinary might.


The Ruby Ember, designed for the Elemental Larp Staff, offers versatility to a range of characters by harnessing the power of the elements. With the ability to change its color, the Ruby Ember allows wielders to control all four elements. Sorcerers, pyromancers, and passionate warriors can evoke fiery spells, while also adapting to command water, earth, and air with different colored variations. By embracing the Ruby Ember's transformative capabilities, characters become masters of elemental forces, leaving an indelible mark across the Larp battlefield.


  • Designed to Fit on the Elemental Staff (Staff Not Included)
  • Removable
  • Weight (g): 65
  • Width (cm): 6.5
  • Gem Length (cm): 11